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Flash Definition

Flash animation is a leading edge technology used on the Internet. It offers a combination of cutting-edge visual effects, image and vector graphic animation with low file sizes and therefore efficient download times.

WEBSTOP Web Design offers a full range of Flash services, including website intros, banners, product e-commercials, brochures and individual Flash animations

Macromedia Flash can be viewed by the vast majority of web surfers. Almost all web browser software displays flash the way it was intended to look without the need to download plug-ins, making flash an exciting and universal way to communicate your business message.

Our multimedia and graphic design team are highly skilled at creating compelling Flash presentations and web sites targeted to visually impress and educate audiences.

We can develop web animations, online demos, flash websites, and advanced applications through action scripting.

Flash animation is a good way to make your site visually appealing and exciting, however it is not always appropriate for some applications. WEBSTOP Web Design Studio’s creative team can offer hybrid sites. A ‘Hybrid’ site integrates flash animation where it will be most effective with standard HTML web pages where appropriate.

This allows for visually exciting imagery without compromising SEO (search engine optimisation) capability. Sites that are entirely created by Flash are not recommended if SEO is an issue.

Flash has to be implemented with care as most people want to see clearly presented information presentation on products or services offered. Professional information presentation must take priority over bells and whistle pages which are often irrelevant and can be a strong distraction from the marketing message they are supposed to be communicating!

Ever thought of combining Flash Animation, Content Management and Shopping Cart?

Let WebStop combine all these fabulous elements and have all your competitors look at your website with oar.

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