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Intro to digital e-marketing – Web to SMS is a great way to send SMS messages from your internet browser, an inexpensive feature packed service which allows you to send text messages from your computer through our service to instantly inform your clients of promotions, product markdowns, reminders, etc .

Compare our costs – Compare WEBSTOP’s services to other web to SMS providers and you quickly realise we are certainly one of the best provider of value for money in Australia. The most you will ever pay for a standard SMS is 12 cents. Further discounts apply for higher volume message packages.
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Sample Carriers Charges WEBSTOP Australia
Telstra 19 to 25 cents
I-primus 18 cents Australia/NZ – $00.12 cents PER MESSAGE
Optus 25 cents International Premium SMS – $00.16 CENTS PER MESSAGE
Three 25 cents

Intro to digital e-marketing – WebStop provides a range of digital marketing services for business clients, incorporating advice, planning, design, delivery and reporting. Our range of services suits clients of many shapes and sizes from ‘do-it-yourself’ services to the tech-savvy, through to fully managed marketing programs utilising every aspect of our skills and resources.

Our flexible approach means clients can use our self-service portals for delivering Email and SMS messages, or utilise our extensive in-house experience and skills to have every aspect of your marketing campaign designed, delivered and managed. Sending quick or urgent messages to contacts is far easier with SMS. Our self-service interface allows you to manage all your contacts, and send messages to one person, or many, with a few simple clicks. Easy-to-use, low-cost and very fast, our gateway delivers millions of messages annually to mobile phones in Australia and around the world.

Our SMS interface is simple to navigate and highly functional – including multi-user capabilities, a choice of routing both locally and internationally and scheduling, enabling you complete flexibility in what, when, and how to send.
But the key to our systems isn’t just in delivering messages quickly and at a low cost – we provide comprehensive reporting tools so you can track and assess the effectiveness of your communications.

Remind clients of scheduled meeting with you 24 hours in advance … that’s right … yes SMS or texting them a friendly reminder..
Offer your business clients instant discounts or rewards at any selected time on any given day by simply texting your offers/discounts…. yes SMS or text your special offers. Instant communication with your client database.

WebStop can add a SMS Admin Panel to your website with NO installation fee within two working days. Doctors, Dentists, Mechanics – a must for all service industries.

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