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Newsletter May 2015

Subjects:  Responsive Websites & Website Video

Dear Business Owner,

1 .. 90% of business owners and executives have and use a Smartphone with 75% of them using mobile applications on a daily basis. If you want to reach other business or streamline your own business then you need a mobile application. With so many businesses today looking at creating a custom mobile application, it is important that yours stand out.

If you are going to create or have a mobile application developed for your business. If you’re looking for a specialist mobile application development company for iPhone, iPad and Android, you’ve come to the right place. We build apps for all key platforms

Did you know, there will be 21 Billion Apps to be downloaded in 2013 as compared to 5 million Apps downloaded in 2010?

Why are Businesses Creating Mobile Apps?

  • The volume of Mobile Phones is much higher than desktops.
  • The average time spent on Mobile Apps is 64%.
  • On an Average, people check their mobile every 6 minutes.
  • People use mobile Apps 6 times more than the websites.
  • 79% smart-phones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.
  • 50% users make purchase on Mobile within 1 hour as compared to 1
  • 73% of Business Owners use Mobile Apps daily.
  • Business owners also use Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement.
  • Custom-build; cross-platform; Mobile Apps from the ground up and
  • Properly equip them with App Discovery (the Mobile equivalent of Search Engine Optimization).
  • Such an App increases your value and relevance to your market by increasing the quality and speed of response and service to your customers.
  • We create new technology for almost every App we build, so as to provide for features unique to the visions and needs of each of our clients

Is it early to get a Mobile App for your Business?

  • Do you have a Website?  What a lame question is that?
  • Then why should you not have a Mobile App?
  • In today’s Mobile world, there would be 21 Billion Mobile Apps by 2013, and your Competitor’s would be 1 of them.
  • So would you want to wait for your Competitors to stay competitive and connected to your clients?

The time must be is, and, now!  The longer you wait to develop your app, the more chance there is for your competition to get in ahead of you. Not only this, but because of the ever-increasing complexity of the technologies involved in mobile development, together with the fact that there is an acute shortage of fully qualified custom mobile code developers, the costs for mobile app development are in fact increasing over time, rather than decreasing. Businesses and organizations that fail to adapt early will soon find themselves struggling to catch up.

Ideas for Mobile Application Usages:

  • Help with sales presentations
  • Streamline departments
  • Manage Finances
  • Help with project management
  • Add Brand Value
  • Product Ordering
  • Employee Training
  • Increase customer service
  • And anything else your imagination can dream up

Please let me know if you are interested our mobile apps services.

2 .. Video intros for your website:

The most common thing I hear from businesses interested in having video’s produced is “We’re updating our website and would like a video…”.  So can I help bring life to your client’s websites?

Nothing beats video to give your websites an edge, but as you know, there’s more to it than just sticking a camera on a tripod.  A quality business deserves a well produced video.

People spend five times longer on websites with good videos, and they remember more of the content. A video clip can be used to:

  • Demonstrate your products or services
  • Include testimonials from recent happy clients
  • Introduce you, your people to client, building trust with visitors
  • Cover events; deliver training or explanations, or regular video blog updates.

Why Clips Sell? – It’s easy and simple!

Videos make powerful, cost effective video clips which engage viewers and significantly improve sales. We make it easy by writing the script, filming and editing, to meet their business objectives.

We can either deliver full service, with all actors and locations arranged, or the client can provide the talent, location and props reducing costs.

AND Google loves videos about your business


We can offer low entry point videos for $395 for a 1 minute clip filmed on green screen in our studio, with you suppling draft script. Details of this and other product packages are available. We advise on talent, locations and all elements that help portray businesses professionally or do it yourself..

Let your customers see who they are dealing with before they call you.

3 .. Website Upgrade for your Company

  • Is it time to upgrade my website?
  • Chat to us about upgrading old HTML websites to WordPress CMS
  • Upgrade and will make your website “Responsive” at the same time


AUSTRALIANS are expected to spend an extra $10 billion buying goods online in the next two years.

Faster internet speeds and an influx of smartphones have made online shopping easier and increasingly popular.

Major retailers hit back last week by launching a $200,000 campaign to lobby the Federal Government to apply the GST and import duties to foreign online retailers.

At present, online purchases of less than $1000 from foreign sellers are exempt from GST and import duty. Research for e-commerce business PayPal Australia predicted Australians would be spending $36.8 billion online by 2013, compared with $26.8 billion last year. Experts predicted the surge in online shoppers would continue, spurred on by the roll-out of the national broadband network. “If you are an Australian retailer that does not have an online store today, you are not meeting the demands of the retailer,” PayPal spokesman Adrian Christie said. “In Australia, we are still seeing retailers with small inventories online and bigger inventories in-store.”

Though Australians’ enthusiasm for online shopping has lagged far behind the US and the UK, Telstra research showed a quarter of smartphone users on the Telstra network used their mobile phones to shop online. This had been aided by the roll-out of online shopping phone applications. The trend saw more than 80,000 Australians use their mobile phones to make an eBay purchase last financial year, eBay research showed. Online shopping represented only 3.6 per cent of all retailing in Australia, research firm IBISWorld said, but was growing twice as fast as traditional retailing. Marketing experts said the major retailers’ campaign might have backfired. University of New South Wales marketing professor Mark Uncles said the campaign had signalled to people who were previously wary of shopping online that it was safe. “What this advertising campaign is saying is that they (consumers) are not only using it, but using it without any difficulty whatsoever,” he said. The campaign also met with an unsympathetic response from Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten who said imposing a tax was not the best way for major retailers to compete with online rivals.


Goole Search & SSL Encryption

Google is a big proponent of the “HTTPS everywhere” idea. Users of Google Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Drive automatically have an encrypted connection to Google.

Google officially announced that HTTPS is used as a signal in their search ranking algorithm.

Enhanced data security is a good thing.

The HTTPS encryption on web pages makes sure that information is secured via the ‘Transport Layer Security’ protocol (TLS), which provides three key layers of protection:

1.. Encryption: When you are browsing our website, nobody can ‘listen’ to your conversations, track your activities across multiple pages, or steal your information.
2.. Data integrity: Data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer, intentionally or otherwise, without being detected.
3.. Authentication: HTTPS makes sure that you communicate with the intended website.


Mobile Buying Spree

Mobile phone users are dumping pen and paper shopping lists and buying with their handsets in the latest retail craze. The newest type of shopping to sweep the globe is set to drive annual sales of $119 billion worldwide by 2015, a report reveals. Consumers can already order goods ranging from pizzas to digital cameras, nappies, and even football jumpers with the touch of a phone button.

Others are using handsets to direct them to the nearest supermarket, bank or fast-food outlet while on the road, or to check recipes before grabbing groceries on the run.

Retail analysts said most Aussies were using smart phone handsets connected to the internet to search for products and best deals or to find store locations before hitting the shops to buy.

But an ABI Research report is predicting a boom in actual buying in future years as more consumers upgrade their handsets and companies make online shopping services more quickly and easilyassessable with phone as well as computers. Pizza chain Domino’s say a new iPhone application that lets users order its food over their handsets has generated sales of 2 million in just 12 weeks.

And since October 2009, 110,000 iPhone users have downloaded an application that lets you find you’re nearest Coles supermarket, create electronic shopping lists through links to recipes or select various groceries from a virtual home. Coles IT general manager said there were plans to add weekly catalogue products. The company is also investigating a system to share electronic shoppinglists with family and friends. The ability to make shopping as convenient as possible is motivation. Rival Woolworths recently introduced special websites for mobile phone users with internet access.

The sites are called up with a handset and give selected information including store location, specials and recipes. Broader mobile shopping potential would be monitored as connection speeds and reception improved.

Herald Sun – Monday Feb 22-2010

Online Retail Spending Grew By 10% In Q1 Over Last Year

comScore, Inc.(NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its Q1 2010 U.S. retail e-commerce sales estimates, which showed that online retail spending neared $34 billion for the quarter, up 10 percent versus year ago. The strong acceleration represented the first time growth rates reached double-digits since the second quarter of 2008.

“The first quarter returned the U.S. retail e-commerce market to healthy double-digit growth rates,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. “While these spending gains provide reason for optimism, we should note that upper-income households are currently shouldering much of the growth. Should the economy falter in the second half of the year and upper-income consumers return to a savings mode, we could still see growth decelerate? But for the time being, this momentum is encouraging.”

Other highlights from Q1 include:

  • Growth in the first quarter was predominantly driven by upper-income consumers, with spending among the $100,000+ household income segment up 14 percent.
  • Pureplay (online-only) retailers continued to gain e-commerce spending market share from multichannel retailers.
  • Larger online retailers continued to generate higher growth rates than smaller retailers, but the smaller retailers are finally beginning to see positive growth once again.

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